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Hello Guys and Welcome Back to L2jFrozen Project!
Thanks to Nefer for great work to setup again the site domain and forum, but I'm very sad to hear about lost forum backup: it was a great value added for our community  :'(.
By the way, the community is the forum, not the content, so we decided together to restore the L2jFrozen Project forum in order to allow community to easy discuss each other and share useful information to solve issues whenever required or to share ideas for their server. Again, Welcome back community :)!
The major question we had before restore the forum was "How many guys still believe in Lineage 2 Interlude?"... for sure that is not an easy question to answer, we don't know how many servers are still alive in the world for Lineage 2 in general and how many are interlude as well: the game is an old game, played by PC, while the new generation just use consolle or smartphones/tablets to play... New generation doesn't know about Lineage 2 and more guys/childrens don't know about specific version, Interlude, that was a really success in the past. So what is the "public" for our work?
I think that with current pack, current content and current technology we cannot think to have the success we had in the past, so what we can do? Maybe we have to change something :), that's why this pool..

Thanks again to stay with us :), that means in the past we gave you satisfaction and we would like to do the same in the next years!


For the people that vote on the poll please leave a comment here trying to argue their decision.

It is important that you give us more informations that will help us to take the best decision for the future of this project.


I think the project can come back, as long as a lot is fixed. Interlude did not die, but the administrators who are killing them shortly.

There are several alternative projects based on frozen and these projects are very high quality, the reason for this is that the DEVs of the alternative projects are working hard, you (us) are also capable of this, do not let the dream die.


Hello there guys, I've been in the same position recently as I was into server administration and developement (not in the extend I can do that now) for 3 years or so. I'm now graduating computer science and I was into thinking about making a come back into Lineage II or starting game developement on my own (prolly mobile, as they tend to favour more indie game developers).
Studying briefly the current situation into Lineage I came to the conclusion that neither it's current cummunity nor possibilities for extension and financial profit will be rewarding to a degree others could for that much time invested.

Try to evaluate opinions and suggestions in from those answering point of view. Most of them will actually make positive comments and encourage you to make it back and continiue to provide a stable and custom open source environment that they can base their custom server on (not that I can judge them being bad, but they will not answer objectively).

What I would suggest you, drop Lineage II for good.
It's been my passion also for a long time, developing the world I so much loved once was the best feeling I could get, I guess you felt that too. But I think it's the time for you to move on. If you still like games and you are into game developement start another tremendously creative and fun journey of actually making a game of your own. Possibilities are endless into game developement especially for mobile games. You can get into the industry and some day make actual money that will make you do a good living, a really good living that will pay back those countless hours and lines of code you're willing to put into.

I'm really sad to say I think lineage is actually dead, it has lost all it's glow and it's gaming experience has decayed long time now. You have to do nothing but take a look at hopzone or visit some servers on your own, Lineage can't be compared even at 1/10 that what is has been like even 4-5 years ago. Especially for C6. There may be a breathing part of it that now playing at the official Lineage II Servers to chronicles that actually represents how Lineage II has to be in 2017.

I'd like to wish you good luck to everything you wanna do,
Both Shyla and Nefer have been a great plus to the scene and both have put some serious blocks to the building.
I think it's time for you to move on, make use of your skills and imagination and put that to something unique, something of your own, something that one day can grow big unlike L2 C6 which will only grow smaller at the future.


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