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--- Quote from: Probocis on March 03, 2017, 09:40:41 AM ---The private way is great to your pack because it will give a chance to be payed for your work, but you have to help other users that helped this pack by implementing aCis style of pay method and free method.

--- End quote ---
Yes, that's for sure. We always helped people that helped us! ;)

i love l2jfrozen its  nearly best project  it was it is and it will be the best  .   interlude is not dead guys we just need good  added codes in java . such  as 1) VIP seller   with  changable  xp, sp, spoil, adena.   2) auto mana potions.   3) etc,,, bug fixes.    i will donate  and will pay for  DEV job but please dont make it  too expensive.   im using this pack since  2012 so dont thing im newbie here :P  ;) ;) ;) ;)

I i was looking in to private server making and got to this forum somehow ^^ As a complete newbe in this I would argue that best way to market your server packs would be online shop where base - clean pack with no addons, no custom items, nothing, just clear server that can run with no bugs is free but everything else goes for minor price - lets say customer wants ┬░npc buffer ok  = $$

and so on, every npc, every event could go as separate sale but stability of core pack could be tested for free

Good evening to all,

I am personally a very old member of L2JFrozen and I purticipate in a lot of pack fixes, bug reports, make new features that could be included in the L2JFrozen, such as KVN mode and I have worked many years with only L2JFrozen up to this day.

I personally study IT programming in the UK, where I would like to get a qualification on Game designing and developing.

My opinion, even though is too late, is if you still keep it a public project, following the ideal of Linux.
Linux is an open source operating system which is supported by millions of users and at least 800 users. Everyone can be developer on that operating system. If there is a virus, it can be updated to the operating system within 1 day.

The reason why I mentioned Linux is, since you do not have that much time to work on the project, the money you may sell the project wouldn't give you the same protection with really good projects worked for longer time than yours. Since you don't have that much time, you can still spend your personal time and have the other users to work on this project or pack. When a member of L2JFrozen creates something such as security feature, it can be pasted here, where you can filter it, maybe improve it and include it in the pack. With this way, the project, or pack can be improved within a sort time of period.

Therefore, if you get and follow the same philosophy and theory of how Linux have become a successful OS, you may get back all the trust of the users, including being the best pack that will be out there, including public or private projects.

This is personally my opinion.

Kind regards,

As the poll said we will go to a Private pack with different options:

* Compiled pack
* Compiled pack + source
* New updates every month

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