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I can agree in part with you, exil33t.

However, also speaking with Shyla, my idea would be to create a pack completely private, the reasons are many and some are obvious. I do not want to influence any decision to the other users, so now we will wait a bit of time and we will see how the poll end... giving us an idea of what the users want today.

The idea of returning as before to develop sources in a completely open source i can say it's difficult, but not impossibile. Mainly because both me and Shyla have less time and in any case we would be even more motived if behind our work there is a remuneration, also if it's small.

Please for the new users on the forum, after the vote write your opinion with a new post. Thank you


I am not really informed of what's happening lately in the l2j scene or l2 in general, but I believe the only reason to work on this project at this point is nostalgia. Lineage 2 community has surely shrunk over the years, and there already is a fair share of projects, especially for interlude. If nostalgia is not a factor for you, maybe you should start a project of something else, maybe a standalone game for example. It's a lot of work, and since this is a propably a hobby for you it's going to take a while, but it will surely keep you entertained, and you are going to learn a thing or two along the way. Or find another ready game to and try to write the server-side code for it. Or if you decide to keep working on l2, why don't you fork acis and evolve it the way you want from that point on. Whatever you decide to do, I wish you best of luck.

I hope to have updated frozen then acis s.., i hope you team revive this project and make best on the market))
And make not free !!!

PS use ipb or xenforo forum  now is 2017 !

Hello Shyla, hope you remember me old friend :) .. Its because of me we had good connection until i dont remember what happened and you kicked me from forums etc.. Well i voted for private pack , i would pay what it takes to continue this work .. People say ACIS ACIS and shits.. your pack was and it is more stable for my opinion.. There are many haters cause of maxcheaters and acis.. yea tryskell does a good job.. but yea i see more results on frozen.. i am using still your last rev , problems? yea it had but not as many critical as acis.. If you go private count me in since i support it from the first minute of the forum was created back in the years :)

Yours , Akken

P.S i hope you will remember me as Nefer, nefer though kept me in contacts and chatted some times :)

Hello guys,

First of all,I've been using frozen and all I can say is that it's a user-friendly ,easy to handle and a great pack to start a server..Ofcourse there are changes that need to happen but as we all know , you can't have something completely perfect in a short time..Everything needs its time.

Secondly and more important, choosing to go private in my opinion is wrong.All projects nowdays are private..There are many reasons to do that and I totally understand that (protecting your work etc.).Working on it and offering it to people free may be really harsh for you because anyone can take your work and sell it.But more than that it's the work that matters and the hours you spent everyday on it..Choosing not to go private and work on it and recruit people to work with you and create a stable project and a fully working forum would be better.It needs time , reputation but also it needs cooperation and understanding..So,going free I think it will help you grow a better community that really cares about l2jfrozen..Forum members and staff needs to be really good in order to make a really nice team of many people who will be able to offer their services..Even if it's a simple npc creation, it doesnt matter because in the end you will know that people are trying to help you and your project.

In conclusion,the choice is clearly yours and we all respect that..Do not forget that..Make sure that before reading all these replies and checking the vote poll is not going to influence your judgment.You need to count on us and we need to count on you.


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