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[ALPHA][V.3] L2jFrozen 2.0 version "Gludin"



Hello guys,

This is the thirds rev [V.3] about L2jFrozen 2.0 called "Gludin".

--- Code: ---Gameserver has been updated with following improvements:
- Configuration files have been properly cleaned and moved from main config folder to proper folders
- Loggin configuration has been improved
- BoneCP has been removed due to obsolescence. New pool solutions are going to be evaluated
- XML RPC have been removed due to unsecurity. New JAVA WS solutions are going to be evaluated
- Removed IRC (Internet Relay Chat)
- Libraries have been cleaned and updated removing unuseful ones when possible
- Building has been improved
- Massive CONFIG reorganisations.
- Implemented Enchant script phx protection.
- Implemented Augment script phx protection.
- Fixed warning on server startup. WARN: L2TradeList 363 364
- Fixed slf4j failed to load class org.slf4j.impl.staticloggerbinder
- Implemented NPC L2BugReportInstance.
- Put useless log on DEBUG.
- Removed exceptions print for votehandler.
- removed extenders/extension feature to avoid possible server failures on wrong customizations.
- removed Engrave custom and related configurations.
- readded bsh shell and engine in order to support feanor.
- Fixed TvT bug with countTvTdies not reseted.
- Cleanup GS from Telnet deprecated.
- MMOConnection structure has been improved to avoid unuseful content.
- SelectorThread packets processing has been improved;
- Gameserver and Loginserver SelectorThread instances have been moved to SelectorThread Multiton;
- OfflineTradersTable restore implementation has been tuned to avoid multiple database connections on each player restore;
- OfflineTraders management has been improved and some bugs have been fixed.
--- End code ---

This rev is the third ALPHA version and it will be first uploaded and tested on the Official Test Server. All the ALPHA rev will be tested from the inner circle, only the BETA will be the first rev that member could test.

You can continue to report bug here:


Thanks nefer , i will test this today .

Sinister Smile:
Nefer, where i can find a private l2jfrozen pack?


--- Quote from: Sinister Smile on March 16, 2017, 05:23:40 PM ---Nefer, where i can find a private l2jfrozen pack?

--- End quote ---

Read here:

Actually there is only ALPHA rev, you must wait the first BETA.


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