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[ALPHA][V.6] L2jFrozen 2.0 version "Heine"



Hello guys,

This is the sixth ALPHA rev [V.6] about L2jFrozen 2.0 called "Heine".

Fix list about V.6

--- Quote ---- Removed from source/DP/SQL VIP Event.
- Added config for PacketsLoggerManager.
- login-src moved all enum classes on new file.
- game-src moved all enum classes on new file.
- common-src moved all enum classes on new file.
- netcore-src moved all enum classes on new file.
- Corrected PM_MESSAGE_ON_START config.
- Added Bot protection after mob kill.
- Removed botCheckstart in enterworld.
- Bot system ignore SIEGE and PVP ZONE and other cases.
- Players that didn't answer on the bot checker will be teleported to town and not kicked.
- Fixed bug with TVT/CTF using AURA skill on team member and player start autoattacking.
- Update on AddTradeItem.java
- Update on ValidatePosition.java
- Fixed IllegalArgumentException: No enum for stat/stats command.
- Added config for enable/disable vote commands.
- Added missing check to load .stat and .stats command.
- Fixed redundant removeBoni after weapon disarm.
- Fixed bug with same augumentation in two different weapon.
- Fixed Zaken zone bug to avoid Boss zone summon inside.
- Removed unuseful debug log.
- Added useful log for zone DEBUG.
- Fixed cleanUpDB() queries using DEBUG mode inside IdFactory.
- Added new logger level of c3p0 removing debugging message.
- Fixed NPE on disconnectAllCharacters().
- Fixed NPE on L2GameClient.
--- End quote ---

This rev is the sixth ALPHA version and it will be first uploaded and tested on the Official Test Server. All the ALPHA rev will be tested from the inner circle, only the BETA will be the first rev that member could test. On this version we focused on the DEBUG/LOGGING part. We focused a lot and this will help us on the future.
We want also to inform you that our official Test Server using V6 ALPHA is online and you can log easly downloading this system:
You can continue to report bug here:


how about olympiad ?


--- Quote from: srann1k on April 14, 2017, 02:48:13 PM ---how about olympiad ?

--- End quote ---
Actually we didn't touch olympiad cause they need a completly rework. They will reworked soon, but there is more work first to do.


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