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[ALPHA][V.2] L2jFrozen 2.0 version "Gludio"

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Hello guys,

This is the second rev [V.2] about L2jFrozen 2.0 called "Gludio". Every rev will get an unique name.

--- Code: ---- Added value "enchantmentLevel" for enchanted item on multisell.
- Added "enchantmentLevel" for ingredients.
- Fixed bug for no-delay with summon skill.
- wh clan load items problem
- Vote system reworked for hopzone, topzone, l2network.
- Removed russian comment.
- Removed visual rotation bug.
- Cleanup eclipse login-src.
- Cleanup eclipse common-src.
- Cleanup eclipse game-src.
- Cleanup eclipse netcore-src.
- Removed TakeFort.java.
- Removed "customs" folder on DP.
- summon_items.csv moved to folder /data/csv/
- summon_items.csv moved to folder /data/csv/
- staticobjects.csv moved to folder /data/csv/
- Moved boat.csv
- Moved boatpatch.csv
- Moved cursedWeapons.xml
- Moved dimensionalRift.xml
- Moved door.csv
- Moved extractable_items.csv
- Moved recipes.csv
- Moved scripts.cfg
- Moved seeds.csv
- Removed armorsets.csv
- Removed custom_drops sql folder
- Removed custom sql.
- Custom zone installed removed.
- Removed all sql about custom zone.
- Removed updates sql folder.
- Removed anti_ddos.sh.
- Enabled by default custom spawnlist save.
- Minor correction.
--- End code ---

This rev is the second ALPHA version and it will be first uploaded and tested on the Official Test Server. All the ALPHA rev will be tested from the inner circle, only the BETA will be the first rev that member could test.

You can continue to report bug here:


So excited to see the first BETA rev to try the new source  ;D

i can download this version to try test ?


--- Quote from: xxgugaxx on March 15, 2017, 03:37:41 PM ---i can download this version to try test ?

--- End quote ---
No, actually you can test only the 1132 rev.

whaaat  ?   fort removved   <<<    so fortress wilnot work?  come on guys i think make fortress  workable it will give soul  to interlude client as a  best  classic  PVP  chronicle...


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