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Donation: Support our project


Hello members,

This is the official topic about Donations. As you know we decided to go private and the new pack will be called l2jfrozen 2.0 or better "L2jFrozenReborn".

The donation are to support our free work that we always did on the forum/skype/email. We always tried to help all the people to resolve their problem without taking nothing in Exchange and we will continue like that.

This donations are not related to the private source and we will continue always to give support also to the free version also if the develop will continue only on the private source. The "help desk" part will be always active.

LINK: https://www.l2jfrozen.com/forum/index.php?action=treasury

We got some service up and we are paying them so with your donations you can help us.

Actually these are the services that are up and running:
- Private DNS server.
- Website/Forum hosting.
- Dedicated professional bug report system.
- Test server running with last rev 24/24 7/7.
After you do a donation automatically you will became a "Supporter" member on the forum. Supporter got an unique board to request Help. This board is not for fix your bug, but only an Help desk with a priority.



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