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Hello guys, It’s been a while since the community left the development on SVN repository and moved to a new one based on GIT system. With time, a lot of fixes were made on the new repository, but for some circumstances as troubles compiling with the new builder (Maven) and not getting used to the workflow of a GIT repository the project was stuck. So with the staff we decided to merge all the fixes that were made in GIT repository onto the OLD (the loved for you: rev 1004) SVN repository. It took some time due the implementations of Spring, Hibernate and other stuff in GIT by the newest developer Vadim did, so some fixes made use of this frameworks and they couldn’t be merged (maybe they were fixes for something that broke with new implementations and in rev 1004 they were working wonderfully).

So to make it short, we moved all the fixes made on GIT ( to the old SVN ( repository and did a big code clean up. At the moment all this fixes are in Beta because we want to be sure that they work as they should so here’s a list (a little long) of what has been fixed since revision 1004:


New repository for L2jfrozen

Hello member,we decided to move our source from SVN to GIT. The old source on assembla will stay at rev 1004, no more updates.

The new source on GIT will continue to be fixed by our staff, here you can find it:

You can find more details on forum.

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Welcome to a new Java Developer!

I want to say welcome to Vadim Didenko joining L2jfrozen’s Team. He got the knowledge and the skill to improve the quality of L2jfrozen pack.

●  Practical software engineer with hands-on experience in Java and web development.
● A good experience with gaming (MMORPG) domain.