New repository for L2jfrozen

Hello member,we decided to move our source from SVN to GIT. The old source on assembla will stay at rev 1004, no more updates.

The new source on GIT will continue to be fixed by our staff, here you can find it:

You can find more details on forum.

Best regards,


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Welcome to a new Java Developer!

I want to say welcome to Vadim Didenko joining L2jfrozen’s Team. He got the knowledge and the skill to improve the quality of L2jfrozen pack.

●  Practical software engineer with hands-on experience in Java and web development.
● A good experience with gaming (MMORPG) domain.


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Rev 1002

[CORE][DP] Welcome to user squallcs on L2jfrozen’s staff as Java developer.
- Fixed load of “banned_ip.cfg”. (Thanks JPDist® for report)
- Fixed scroll of resurrection bug for pet. (Thanks Kadoshi for report)
- Fixed SIGNET like L2OFF if the skill is not offensive must effect only the caster, clan, ally, party.
- Fixed SIGNET like L2OFF if the skill is offensive must not effect the caster, clan, ally, party.
- Implemented Day of Doom. (Thanks OnePaTuBHuK for fix)
- Fixed custom npc id 54 multisell error. (Thanks spadie for report)
- Fixed NPE on getCurrentSkill(). (Thanks SongSeung for report)
- Fixed heal on self purple without CTRL. (Thanks aris23 f0r report)
- General cleanup and format.

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